Monday, September 17, 2007

5 Milestones

Project Development Studio: Lighting, Sound, Movement and Interaction.

I want to develop my old project "which is called Affection" which I worked on with Ji sun in our Living Arts class last semester I want to make it more interactive by adding multiple sensors and giving it motion.

Actually, I am kind of obsessed in making interesting flowers with fiber optic materials.
I want to make a small garden of many flowers and develop them by giving them more interactive actions।


Mile Stone 1: Concept develop

* Research and develop Concept *

Research related documents,art work, website, book and etc.
Idea sketches
prototype with circuit board.(sound and movement)
material research(from web and visit material connexion)
(such as panel fiber optic and custom_made fiber optic)
Purchase part and material.

"Botanica", Howard Scharz, bulfinch
"Lotus Garden"

Mile Stone 2: Expect possibilities by doing research

* Build Prototype *

Prove them by making prototype with circuit board(one by one)
testing materials
Circuit design and sketch
sample order


Mile Stone 3: Sensor and movement research

* Research Materials for final project and decide on the materials *

Purchasing or ordering part and component what I need


Sensor without Batteries

Beyond the Bar Code


Sensors of the World, Unite!
Q&A: Ember CTO Robert Poor on turning wirelessly interconnected
networks of sensors into a ubiquitous reality.

Mile Stone 4: Making a Prototype and feedback!!

* Building another prototype with decided materials for the project *

Mile Stone 5: Building whole work and Presentation

* Build Final Project *

Challenging: What kind of shape and what kind of movement do I want give it.

How am I going to give it movement?
Sub-motors, Motors

What type of new materials should I use?
Custom_made_Fiber optic material
How much will it cost me?

Do I need to program something to get it working?
Complicated Programming involved
What do I need to make the movement happen?

wireless communications possible for movement in this project??