Sunday, October 28, 2007


1. Project name:

2. Concept: multiple dimension of personality

My last project "Affection" has two dimensions, lighting and sound.
In this project I want to add other dimensions such as
movement and awareness by wireless communication.

I tried to add wireless communication with zeebee but I am not going
to use this because, Soyoung pointed out that it was possible to have the "awareness" communication
without it. Actually, I've been interested in wireless communication using zeebee with this project, but I found that I don't have to use
that for this project.

3. purpose:

I think to have "ultimate interaction" is to understand relationships.
Such as relationships between people or "people and machine" or "people and things". I think you can say that
relationships depend on people or "people and their counterparts". In my project I want to
pursue ultimate interaction between human and machine by using artwork.

4. Personal Statement and User scenario

I am working on interactive artwork which is about relationships.
My first project was called " Affection" and it was about the relationship
between people and plants which was symbolic for affection between
living creatures.

The project had two dimensions for expression in Affection. Lighting and sounds were created
to express the distance between the user and artwork. In this project
I am going to add one more dimension by adding movement with the lighting and sound

By adding movement as another dimension I will be able to express emotion. This second project is
also about human relationships and I chose to express these emotions by using a water-lily flower as
a metaphor this type of interaction.

I want to give this artwork a sense of awareness like human beings such as
jealousy, angry, sad, pleasure, and lonely.

I'm going to portray the awareness emotions for the individual flowers
by certain expressive characteristics when I approach
them. When I approach one of them, it will opens the leaves beautifully(affection/joyous), but at
the same time, rest of the flowers will reacts differently by blinking(angry),
making noise(jealous), and dimming light(sad) something like that...

It's like human instinct delivered in artwork.
I would like to grow my flowers, and as they mature, I would like for my artwork to be able to portray more emotions

3. Design sketch

I will use same materials with affection that I used for my past project (fiber optic panels).

This is my design sketch.

I will set up the mirror-like plastic to reflect their characteristic.
I chose water lily flowers and their leaves as the metaphor..

In my last project I we used mirrors because we wanted it to look like there were
more flowers, and also reflect the light that was being emitted by the LEDs, but in this project
it will be a metaphor for water and provide a reflection for the emotions.

4. Functional dimension
lighting (dimming or bright lighting or blinking) + sound (Max/MSP) +
movement (open & close leaves)

5. Implementation
plastic mirror (expression water, reflection of emotion), translucent plastic (expression for
water lily's leaves), custom-made fiber optic panels (water lily flower),
tri-colored led (variety of colors or subtle color),
servo-motor (movement_open and close the leaves)
IR-sensor (detect approach), touch sensor (?), PWM extension (digital
potentiometer), perfboard, terminal blocks